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What do footbeds do for you? They align your feet in relationship to the surface underneath so you are properly standing using your skeleton.  In the photograph below on the left notice how the tendons are all fired up trying to hold the feet in a stable position. The photo on the right shows the same feet on new footbeds, and the tendons are relaxed. The bones of the skeleton are aligned properly and the tendons are relaxed, not strained to support everything. This means more time riding or skiing with less fatigue and sore spots.
Pronation Aligned
Pronation Aligned
The photo on the above shows the same feet on new footbeds. Notice how the line on the heel is now perpendicular to the platform. The ankles are also more aligned and less likely to get rubbed and sore. This skier will ski better just by being more comfortable! The photos above show alignment from the rear. The left photo shows severe pronation. Notice how the lines on the heels are not perpendicular to the platform. The ankles are sticking out farther than any other parts of the foot. These are sore ankles! This skier will use a lot of muscular tension to hold the ankle away from the hard inner boot shell.
You need to have custom footbeds in your ski boots!  We use the Insta-Print casting system exclusively to make our ski and snowboard footbeds. The patented casting tray makes a perfect footbed every time. We cast your feet with you seated, semi-weight bearing.  This process allows us to control the foot and in turn the footbed.
Insta-Print System footbeds

Insta-Print System

The resultant footbed not only looks great but feels great as well, shaping not only to the natural contours of your feet but to the contours of the particular boot they are going into. We have board certified pedorthists on staff to ensure that the footbeds we make are balanced properly for each individual. All our footbeds are posted!
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